About the Silicone Love Doll Standing Without Bolts

   Before we discuss standing without bolts, let's understand the standing function of Silicone Love Dolls. The dolls' feet soles are as soft as the body material, which means they cannot stand on their feet. This article will provide you with a comprehensive understanding of the standing function of Silicone Love Dolls.

Standing Feet  with BoltsStanding Feet without Bolts

Process Comparison

Standing with bolts involves adding three bolts to the doll's feet so that the force on the feet is distributed on the bolts, rather than the colloid material. Standing without bolts, on the other hand, involves directly solving the problem of the soft soles by replacing them with hard materials. This is the difference between the standing functions of standing feet with bolts and without bolts.

Appearance Comparison

Standing with bolts includes bolts on the bottom of the feet, which can affect the beauty of the feet to some extent. Standing without bolts perfectly solves the problem of unsightly bolts on the soles of the feet. However, some manufacturers use sole materials that are too hard, creating obvious seams that don't look appealing. there is two pictures showing you the difference below

New Version Boltsless Standing FeetBoltsless Standing Feet with Harder Soles

Effect Comparison

Standing with bolts can impact the carpet, shoes, and socks passed by the doll. Standing without bolts eliminates these concerns.

Lifespan Comparison

Standing with bolts has a longer service life, even with a heavy doll. It won't damage the standing function or the soles of the feet. With standing without bolts, the material of the sole of the foot is the most critical factor determining its lifespan. Harder materials mean longer-standing times, but they create seams between the hard and soft materials. Softer materials eliminate the seams but may crack with prolonged standing. Therefore, without bolts, the standing function may still be imperfect. If you want the doll to look better, you must let the soles be softer, which means a shorter lifespan. For longer lifespan, you must accept harder soles with seams on the calf.


Cost Comparison

Standing with bolts only requires adding a few bolts to the sole of the foot and replacing the skeleton, while standing without bolts requires a more complicated process with an increased defect rate. 

In conclusion, when you decide to buy a Silicone Love Doll, consider which standing function you want. If you choose standing without bolts, consider your budget because the process is more complicated and may have a higher defect rate. If you only want the feet to look perfect, select softer soles, or tell the manufacturer that you don't need the standing feet function.