Become A Partner

FJDoll wanted Vendors&Retailer from worldwide

Who Can become our partner

1, Anyone who has her/him own retailer channel, online or offline

2, Social media group owner

3, Dropshopper


How to become our parnter?

1, Feel free to contact us.

2, Let our marketing team know your retail channel.

3, No selling Child Doll

4, No selling conterfert dolls

5, Read our conditions to become our parnter and retailer and agree it.


Why become Our Partner

1, We offer top end dolls with nice price

2, Aftersale serivce care free

3,Very easy to start your bussiness.

4,Sex dolls have a very huge market, cooperate with us you will have great benifit from it.

5,  FJ Doll offer Care Free aftersale service,


Procedures to become our Partner

1, Commication established

2, Sign a contract

3, Autherization letter made&Products online

4, Place the orders


For more informations please contact us with email: or call us at +8615678683363( Skype, WhatsApp, Wechat, LINE) is all available.