Manul for FJ Doll


Warming method
 Connect the power adapter, connect the adapter to the doll's heating port, and the other the household electricity. At this time, the doll will be in a heating state. After about 45 minutes, the power will be manually cut off. Comfortable temperature, can be used after power off.

Input voltage: 110V-250V

Output voltage: 24V/48V

Heating time: 20 minutes to 40 minutes, according to the thickness silicone or TPE of the doll, the heating temperature can be appropriately increased (less than one hour) or the whole body of the entity doll can be wrapped with a blanket (heating is less than 20 minutes) to achieve a rapid heating effect, and the holding time The holding time of the lower layer of the epidermis is 80 minutes to 120 minutes on theory, the holding time is different from different climate.


1) The maximum temperature of the doll is about 38℃, which is equivalent to the temperature of the human body. Before using the doll heating process, you must disconnect the plug and check the temperature of the vagina and the surface of the doll with your fingers to ensure that the temperature is appropriate. It can be used under the premise that the temperature is appropriate and the temperature after heating the doll will not cause harm to the user.

2) The charger should be placed in a ventilated place to heat up. It is forbidden to heat up without covering anything. During the charging and heating process (the specified heating time), it is found that the charger is too hot. Unplug the charger immediately, the main power plug will stop charging and heating at an interval of 10 minutes before heating. If the temperature is too high again, please refrain from using it and send it back to the manufacturer for replacement.

3)Single charge heating is strictly prohibited for more than 60 minutes, in order to avoid prolonged heating causing the controller to fail and the temperature will continue to rise. The damage caused to the doll and other property losses shall be borne by the user himself.

4)The covering blanket can achieve rapid heating. The heating process should not exceed 30 minutes for covering the blanket. The charging time for a single heating of the doll should not exceed 60 minutes, and the interval between two charges should be more than 40 minutes.

5)Occasionally, the temperature of the lower body of the doll does not rise enough. It can be used together with the USB heating stick to achieve the rapid heating effect of the lower body.

Prohibitions for Heating 

  • DO NOTuse the doll when charging and heating
  • DO NOT charging and heating for a long time (charging time is less than 1hours)
  • DO NOTviolently twist the joints of the limbs of the doll (it is very easy to break the heating wire of the joints and cause the heating system to malfunction.
  • DO NOT energize and heat the doll's limbs while bending (adjust the limbs to the factory posture and recharge and heat)

AI Voice&Moaning

  Voice Box for Moaning Option

1, Switch. Press 3 seconds, power on or power off. Double click interchange dialogue mode (Chinese version) and moaning mode

2, Mic

3, Micro USB battery recharge port

4, Earphone port

5, Speaker

Sensors Pacement

  Moaning option have 5 sensors implanted inside the doll body. whemn you press or touch the body parts which close to the sensor, the voice box will receice the single then you will hear the sweet moaning coming out from the voice box.

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