Why We Creat FJDoll

   The qurantine is disaster for the distance relationship couples and social. Life was changed a lot and people need healthy sex life. The are many sex doll brand on the market nowaday, the sex doll industry got great development in the pass of two years. And sex doll was accepted by more and more peaople. Its has been hundreds of years since the first "sex doll“ was invented by the Dutch salors. 

     I worked at a trade company before I created this brand of sex doll. Sex doll have increased each momth.  I decide to create my plan and prepare for a whole year. A client of mine from Spain ordered a full TPE doll at the company's store on AliExpress. That is third order since I started to sell dolls. the client have the doll around 40 days after he placed order, that time railway transportation still very reliable, normally 35 days you will the doll on your doll step. What the client told me is the very important reason for me to sell better quality sex doll. The client told me that he miss his wife, who is from another country, for the qurantine, he cannot meet his wife and he doesn't want to cheat on his wife, so he contact and order a doll, he has the doll but he was no so satifit with the doll and give me some very usefull suggestions, softer boobs, better touch feeling vagina, nowadays, all the his suggestions is availlable and get great improment already.

     The working experience is a kind of special,  I was being a language teacher, teaching kids Mandarin in Myanmmar,  for 3 years,  its a very hard time for me, the distance relationship is hard for me, Thank God, I made it and back to Guangzhou to start my new life, till I find a working oppotunity to do international trade, I was looking for products,  then I find sex doll and found it a great product.

    When I was still a high school kid, I was think about to sell sex toys, I have the chance years later,  so I will tries the best to creat some special dolls and top end dolls for our clients.

       In a conclusion, I creat this new brand for I want to bring more top end dolls to the market, selling sex doll is really meaningful thing for me. 


By Allen Yunck

Sep, 14th, 2021