Manul for Sex Doll

 Realistic Doll Product Manual



Thank you for your trust in our company and for purchasing from our Realistic Doll series. For your ease in daily maintenance and understanding of operations, we advise reading this manual before use. It will help you master the handling and care of the doll. This product is crafted with a new type of high-polymer TPE (Thermoplastic Elastomer) or platinum silicone for the outer layer and features an inner structure of epoxy resin with articulated metal joints. Our materials meet national safety standards and are non-toxic to both humans and the environment.


   Product Packaging

All Realistic Dolls are shipped in discreet packaging, with the outer layer consisting of specialized cardboard and the interior cushioned with foam material. Each doll is individually packaged.


Each package includes:

- Realistic Doll x1

- Gift Pack: USB heating rod for lower body x1, Lingerie x1, Lower body cleaner x1, Comb x1, Gloves x1, Blanket x1


   Product Functionality and Usage


    Intended Use

The dolls are intended for clothing display, role-play, collectible figurines, companionship, and as adult products.

**Note:** When used as an adult product, maintain hygiene and avoid sharing.



Handle the Realistic Dolls with care as they are delicate art pieces. Unpack without causing scratches, using an effortless 'princess carry' to lift the doll.



Attaching the head to the body:

  1. Traditional screw: Twist the screw into the head first, then slot it onto the doll’s neck and rotate until it fits naturally.
  2. Quick-release screw: Connect the threaded end to the head, align it properly, and tap gently to attach to the body.


     Joint Movement Range

The doll contains multiple joints for various poses within a certain range. As the doll is shipped upright, avoid prolonged difficult positions that could deform or damage the material. After use, restore the doll to a lying position with hands at the sides (non-standing models should not be left standing) to prevent damage, for which the manufacturer is not liable.


     Optional Function Usage

  1. Suction and vibration feature

Available in both remote-controlled and wired versions. TPE dolls have a wired connection, while silicone dolls use a wireless remote.

  1. Wired version custom options:

   - Lithium battery capacity: 600 mAh

   - Approx. 60 minutes usage per charge

   - Maximum suction: -0.4 bar

   - Maximum noise: Under 30 decibels

   - Vibration frequencies: 10 levels


Instructions: Charge with DC-5V for 2-3 hours. The device has inhaling and exhaling modes and variable vibration speeds from levels 1-10.


Precautions: Do not use while charging, maintain personal hygiene, and avoid direct water streams when cleaning channels.


  1. Wireless version custom options are similar, with vibration available in 1-5 different frequencies.



The heating feature can be customized for both TPE and silicone dolls. The heater lights red when heating and green when ready. Silicone bodies should be heated for 40-50 minutes, TPE for 10-15 minutes.



The sound feature offers simple interactions in both Chinese and English, with vocalizations activated by touch on sensitive areas. The primary sounds are moans.


    Care Instructions

     Before Use:

We recommend cleaning the product thoroughly. Do not use alcohol wipes on large areas. Wash with antibacterial soap and rinse well.


     During Use:

Apply personal lubricant for sufficient internal lubrication. For safety, the use of a condom is suggested. Lack of lubrication can reduce pleasure and cause cracks.


     After Use:

  1. Cleaning: The neck down can be bathed directly. Above the neck should not get wet to preserve the makeup. Use a clean, damp cloth or cotton swab to wipe the head gently. If makeup gets damaged, factory touch-ups are free.


  1. Drying: After washing and when the surface is dry, apply the provided body powder evenly. This protects the doll’s skin.


  1. Storage: Avoid direct sunlight to prevent material degradation.


  1. Longevity: Do not keep the doll in the same position for more than 1 hour. When not in use, restore the factory posture and store the doll hanging or lying down.


   Repair Instructions

     Stain Removal

Use our special TPE stain remover cream for effective, convenient, fast, and non-toxic stain removal. Apply the cream evenly with a cotton swab and let it act. Repeat every 4 hours until the stain fades.



For minor surface damage, clean the area and use repair glue to rebind the material. Let it dry for about 30 minutes.



If prolonged pressure causes indentations, cover