Pricing Term

Pricing Term for FJ Doll

Brief introduction about the pricing term

  Price for FJ  Doll is not global synchronize but the price is synchronize from same country. The fininal price of the doll in your contry will be the suggestion price + tax+shipping cost+ customization cost. For example, the doll shipping to US, the suggestion price is 1800 USD, shipping cost is 500 USD, tax 300 USD, the finial price for the doll is 1800+500+300=2600 USD. this just example, for US, the tax policy may have slight different. The price is on USD, vendor should exchange into the locol currency to show the price for their local buyers.

1, All the retailer price is strict priced according to FJ Doll,  The price is the same nationwide or statewide. 

2,  Website or shop  once  promotion, the maxium  discount from the website or shop  is 50 USD.

3, Website or shop should sychronize the promotion and discount from FJ Doll. for example,  FJ doll offer buy one and get one free promotion, vendors or retailer must show the new to their subscribers.