Policy for Retailer&Vendors

Policy for Retailers&Vendors

1, Who can become our retailers&vendors?

Company or personal can become our vendors.

1) You have your own retail channel, website, Physical store, Social media group owner, celebrities on internet.


2) You have a way to make the payment.

2, How to become our retailer&vendor?

1) Email us on info@fjdoll.com and have brief introduction of youself. we would like to know which country you come from, what market you mainly promoting, Europe, North America, Asian or Oceania. 

2) Sign a contact with us.

3) Download all the files may needed such as,pictures, vidoes, certification for the promoting. A ceritification will be offered after the contact is signed

3, What we offer for our vendors promoting the product?

1) All the videos and pictures for adversting, pictures and videos containt your store name on the factory

2) Test report of our products

3)Logistic Care free, we offer the viarty and reliable shipping method and plans according to the destination conuntries you are shipping too.

4) Before sale service and after sale service care free, we offer support for the after serice, and before we ship the doll, we will offer videos and pictures for buyer to confirm,  ship after confirmation from buyer.

4, Rules for  vendors&retailers 

1) Fake dolls or copy doll is not allowed to sale on your channel. 

2) Compliance with price regulations.

3)Keep updating FJ Doll product when FJ Doll have new models and updating our promoting informations.